Benefits of a Career in the Bioheat® and HVAC Industry in 2020

June 18, 2020

2020 is already off to an unforgettable start. Circumstances due to COVID-19 have caused serious economic and societal shifts in Massachusetts and across the country. If you are a graduating senior or a technical student beginning to think about your career, now feels like a crazy time to make any type of big decision. The choice to pursue a career in the Bioheat®, oil, or HVAC industry doesn’t have to be a hard one. Now more than ever, these industries are proving to offer job security and viable growth opportunities that other industries cannot match.

Major Benefits of Working in the Oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC Industry

So, what sets the oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC industry apart from other career paths in Massachusetts?

  • Necessity
    When you work for a fuel oil and Bioheat® delivery company or HVAC service provider, you are a member of the essential workforce. These companies remained open in Massachusetts during quarantine because to put it simply, their services are essential. Keeping homes and businesses safe and warm is critical 24/7/365. While employees in other industries had to navigate furlough or unemployment during COVID-19 restrictions, fuel delivery drivers, service technicians, and office personnel continued to work and continued to serve customers with adjusted procedures.
  • Longevity
    When you read up on local energy and HVAC companies in your area, you’ll start to see that many local businesses have been around for generations. That means they’ve lasted through wars, recessions, social shifts, and so much more. The oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC industries have proven for decades that they are here to stay.
  • Flexibility
    Speaking of long lasting, these local businesses are able to survive and grow because of their ability to adapt and innovate. The energy industry is constantly evolving in order to support customer comfort needs and respond to changing policies. Take Bioheat® for example, with the shift towards renewable energy, Massachusetts fuel delivery companies now deliver renewable Bioheat® fuel. Plus, HVAC technology is constantly evolving in order to improve energy efficiency and the customer experience.
  • Opportunity
    When you join the oil,  Bioheat®, and HVAC workforce, you aren’t just signing on for a job. You have the opportunity to grow and develop your career. There are so many different positions in our industry, including delivery drivers, service technicians, and customer service representatives. These positions have the potential to lead to upper-level roles like service manager, office manager, or even business owner. The sky is truly the limit!

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