Read This before Finalizing Your Career Choice

August 11, 2021

Have you changed your mind about the career you want to pursue? Maybe you’ve learned that the job you thought you wanted is out of reach, doesn’t provide the financial flexibility you need, or would require moving away from the place you call home. After all, you want a stable, flexible job that fits your interests and pays well, right? We’d like to spotlight the role of HVAC service technician.

What Is an HVAC Service Technician?

Need a refresher on what an HVAC service technician is and what they do? Well, they’re the person who arrives when your heater stops working on a chilly winter day: the person you call when your air conditioner blows warm air in the middle of July: the person who ensures that your HVAC system is running at peak efficiency. These comfort heroes are responsible for homeowners’ continued security during all seasons of the year.

Why Should I Consider Being a Service Technician?

Here are a few reasons why 333,000 people in the USA[1] choose to be service technicians:

  • Meets the interests of technologically inclined people
  • Pays well and is available everywhere across the country
  • Keeps you from sitting in an office cubicle all day, every day
  • Meaningful work provides a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction
  • HVAC companies are locally owned with family-like atmospheres
  • Essential jobs like HVAC technician provide unmatched security

How Does the Future Job Market Look for HVAC Technicians?

It’s looking up, folks! states that the “foreseeable job outlook and demand for HVAC technicians is projected to be quite favorable.” Due to the volume of new construction and the long life expectancy of heating and cooling units, qualified HVAC service technicians will always be needed for installations, repairs, and service. Plus, HVAC technician work fits into the renewable energy landscape, so the career path will never be outgrown. Aspiring HVAC technicians will continue having reliable work opportunities for lifetimes to come. Click here to create your profile on Generation NEXT Energy Pros and look for an HVAC technician job in your corner of Massachusetts.