Misconceptions about Being a Fuel Delivery Driver in Massachusetts

November 23, 2020

If you’ve begun to pursue a career in the Bioheat® fuel, oil, and HVAC industry, chances are you’ve browsed available local positions and heard of being a fuel delivery driver. Fuel delivery drivers are seen as the heroes of the cold season because they provide homeowners with the fuel and warmth that they desperately need to keep their homes safe and warm.

We were surprised to hear whispers about being a fuel delivery driver that are quite inaccurate, so we’re here to set the record straight and explain why choosing a fuel delivery driver career may be an excellent professional development option for you.

Common Myths of Delivery Driving in Massachusetts

Myth #1: You’ll Work Overnight Hours on Long-Haul Trips

This misconception comes from the notion of truckers, who have a much different job than fuel delivery drivers. Most fuel delivery drivers in Massachusetts work during the daytime and are home after the office closes at the end of the day.

Myth #2: You’ll Be Away from Your Family for Extended Periods

Similar to the false assumption above, some people think delivery drivers will be away from their homes during important family time and milestones. But unlike truckers, delivery drivers are home for dinner each night since fuel deliveries are scheduled during normal business hours.

Myth #3: Your Job Doesn’t Matter to the Community

Whoever came up with this misconception has clearly never met a fuel delivery driver! Being a fuel delivery driver in Massachusetts is one of the best feel-good positions around. After all, on a cold winter’s day, MA residents will be as happy to see you pulling up in their driveway as they would if they saw Kris Kringle himself. Not to mention, delivery driving is considered an essential position by the government, so you’ll never have to worry about job security.

Interested in Finding a Fuel Delivery Driver Position in Your Neck of Massachusetts?

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