Make Money with a Secure Career in the Oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC Industry

October 9, 2019

Are you a young professional or student searching for the right career opportunity in Massachusetts? If you are looking for a fulfilling job that offers competitive wages and valuable benefits, consider pursuing a career in the oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC industry. Bioheat® and HVAC careers are in high demand in Massachusetts and across the country. There are many opportunities for entry-level and experienced applicants alike. The best part? Oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC careers have serious potential for financial security and career growth.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC Jobs in MA

There are many common misconceptions about trade jobs, the oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC industry, and success opportunities for job seekers. Get the facts about trade jobs in the industry here:

Q: Do you need a four-year degree to get a high-paying job?

A: Not necessarily! Technical high schools and vocational schools help prepare students and continuing education professionals with the skills they need to land stable jobs in Massachusetts. Here are some average salaries* of jobs in the oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC industries that require a minimum 2-year degree from a vocational or technical school:

  • Average Annual Salary of an HVAC Service Technician: $55,000
  • Average Annual Salary of a Service Manager: $68,000
  • Average Annual Salary of a Business Owner: $76,000

An added bonus of pursuing a trade school degree is that two-year graduates have two extra years to start earning income compared to four-year degree students, and a trade school degree costs an average of $94,000 less than a Bachelor’s degree.**

Q: Are trade careers dying out?

A: Not at all. In fact, oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC jobs, like service technicians and fuel delivery drivers, are always needed and aren’t expected to disappear any time soon. Bioheat® is the fuel of the future in Massachusetts and is used to heat many homes and businesses across the state. Customers will always need heat and professionals to deliver their fuel and service their equipment.

Q: What does it mean to have “recession proof” skills?

A: Students and certified energy professionals that complete training for trade careers in the oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC industry have lasting, transferable skills that are truly recession proof. Residents in Massachusetts and other Northeast states will always need to heat their homes in the winter. This means the skills required for jobs like fuel delivery driver, customer service representative, service technician, and more will always be in demand, no matter the state of the economy. Pursuing a career in the trades like oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC is a smart move to ensure job stability and financial security.

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