Start Your Career as a Bioheat® and HVAC Service Technician

February 10, 2020

Are you starting to think about your job opportunities in 2020? As you begin to start planning your next career move, consider a position as a Bioheat® and HVAC service technician in the Massachusetts area. Service technicians in the oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC industry are highly sought after and have the opportunity to build lasting skills. A career as an HVAC service technician offers immediate advantages, like competitive pay and benefits, and future opportunities for upward mobility in the industry.

Benefits of Oil, Bioheat®, and HVAC Service Technician Jobs in MA

Work in a hands-on environment

Many technical students and trade industry professionals are drawn to HVAC service technician positions because it is a hands-on job that requires critical thinking and problem solving. As an HVAC service technician, you will install, maintain, and repair all types of oil and Bioheat® heating equipment. Each day, HVAC technicians are dispatched to different customer locations to complete various projects. Depending on the assignment, HVAC technicians will work independently or in teams. There’s never a dull day!

Build and diversify your skills

In Massachusetts, many oil and Bioheat® fuel companies offer more than just heating fuel delivery and equipment service. HVAC service technicians are able to expand their expertise in order to work on all types of home comfort equipment, including propane gas heating systems, air conditioning units, generators, and more. Becoming a service technician means you can diversify your professional skills, making your position even more secure.

Earn competitive wages and benefits

Did you know that Bioheat® and HVAC service technicians can make up to $100,000 per year? Service technician positions have serious earning potential and often come with valuable benefits like paid vacation time, sick days, 401(k), and health insurance.

Achieve future career goals

An HVAC service technician position is a great stepping-stone for a long and rewarding career. Many Bioheat® and HVAC service technicians go on to become service managers or start their own businesses. It is a smart career move that can help you achieve your short-term and long-term career and financial goals.

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