Top 3 Reasons a Trades Career Is a Great Choice in MA

July 12, 2022

When you graduate high school, you come to a crossroads in deciding whether you want to pursue a college degree or enter into a trade profession. Choosing a college degree has become the popular post-high school route and, when coming upon graduation, college might be all you hear about–but at Generation NEXT Energy Pros, we want to help lay out your options by giving you some more factors to consider when it comes to pursuing a career in the trade industry in Massachusetts.

Advantages in Choosing a Trades Career in MA

  • Make Money Now:

When you choose to enter into a trade profession, you have the ability to start earning a full-time paycheck right away. When you pursue a four-year degree, you delay your career for those four years. In the trade industry, you have the ability to start working and grow in your chosen profession, which means you can earn salary increases and promotions as you work.

  • Save on the Cost of Tuition:

It’s true that a majority of college grads now come out with some kind of debt, not to mention everything they paid while in college. Attending a college or university can prove a costly investment that doesn’t always pan out in the end. By pursuing a trade career, you’ll save the thousands you’d pay in tuition and live debt-free.

  • Find a Company to Grow With:

College grads competing against one another for white-collar jobs saturate the workforce. Fewer students choose the trade route these days, which means that, when you apply for jobs, you have a chance of actually standing out. The sooner you’re hired, the sooner you can start earning, grow with your company, promote, and have a comfortable salary, all by the time your peers graduate college and start entry-level work.

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